Sydney Motor Glider Flight Group is a small friendly, non-profit club. Our team of highly skilled gliding instructors with an average experience of 35 years each in gliders. We are based at Camden Airport, about an hour’s drive South West of Sydney. Come gliding at Camden with us, experience the joy of flight, ride in our motor glider and soar like a bird.

As you would appreciate, a glider cockpit is an enclosed space so we are taking precautions to minimise risk to both passenger and pilot.

Subject to NSW Health orders that apply at the time of your booking, several steps are being taken. We require that participants show that they are fully vaccinated. Our pilots are fully vaccinated. Aircraft surfaces are disinfected between flights. Customers and pilots must wash hands upon arrival and before entering the aircraft, masks must be worn at all times.

We will happily extend gift certificate expiry dates if required.

If you are ready to book a flight or order a gift certificate please email

If you would like to know more general information about flights, learning to glide or obtaining a gift voucher feel free to phone Laurie Hoffman on 0439 353 966 who will be happy to answer your questions.

Motor gliders are just gliders which can take off by themselves. We can climb to whatever height we choose then simply switch the motor off. We then glide and soar for the rest of the flight and complete the flight by landing like a conventional glider with the motor still turned off.

Our club can introduce you to the pure joy and exhilaration of gliding. We do not offer joy flights where you just ride as a non participating passenger. We offer Air Experience Flights during which you will receive a comprehensive pre-flight briefing about flying a glider and then once airborne you will be able to take the controls under supervision.

This is a very relaxed experience where our aim is to show you what a great sport gliding is. If you decide it is the sport for you, we can get you established into further flying lessons. If you decide it’s not for you, we are sure you will have still had a great experience with spectacular views of the Sydney Basin and Blue Mountains!

We tailor your flight to suit your needs and offer discounts to students. As a guide however, a first flight gift vouchers cost $299 for 45 minutes where you will be able to take in the amazing view from around 5000′. This includes a pre-flight briefing and in-flight instruction. If you wish, you will be able to take the controls and experience first hand the joy of flight. Introductory membership of the Gliding Federation of Australia is also included.

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We provide personalised GIFT CERTIFICATES which we email direct to you for that special event. We also offer discounted rates for young people 16 years of age and under, follow up training flights, advanced training, bulk flying and group bookings. Please ask.

You will receive a thorough briefing before and after your flight and be given clear explanations and demonstrations of how aircraft fly. As well as taking in the scenic beauty of the Sydney Basin, when you are ready, you will have plenty of opportunities to take the controls under the supervision of your instructor. Whether you choose a more serene or a more adventurous flying experience, or even a little of both, these glider rides are memorable.

We operate a hi tech fibreglass H36 Dimona Motor Glider. Traditionally, gliders are launched by either being towed aloft behind a light plane or winched up via a long cable which is rapidly wound in (yes…just like a kite!). These methods require assisting crew and specialised equipment. A motor glider offers the independence to take off and climb under its own power and then switch the engine off and glide and soar as a pure glider. We complete the flight with an engine off landing.

With this versatility you will be able to experience spectacular views of Sydney and the Blue Mountains from the air and then serenely glide back to Camden Airport. The H36 Dimona motor glider has dual controls, comfortable side by side seating and is perfect for learning the basics of glider flying before moving to a conventional sailplane for further gliding lessons.

CONTACT DETAILS: If you have all the information you need and you are ready to book a flight voucher or gift certificate please email

For general enquiries and more information about flights and learning to glide feel free to ring Laurie on 0439 353 966.

You are very welcome to ring Laurie with any questions you may have regarding gliding in the Sydney area or elsewhere. We welcome the opportunity to provide assistance and expert advice. If you are not from Sydney, we will put you in touch with a soaring club in your area who can take you for a sailplane joy flight, glider rides and lessons.

Gliding is an exhilarating sport. Modern gliders and motor-gliders are of high tech design and extremely robust construction. Gliding is overseen by the Gliding Federation of Australia who are controlled by the CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) and we have exceptionally high standards of pilot training, instructor qualifications and aircraft engineering safety.

      “We would both like to thank you for a great day out and experience. We appreciated your friendly hospitality and informal but comprehensive pre and post flight brief.”  Peter and Owen 16

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