What training flights do we offer and how much do they cost?

We offer a range of flights for you to choose from – 
Glen and Danish Visitor
Personalised Air Experience Flights commence with your pre-flight briefing.  Areas covered include safety, how gliders fly (no, they dont need wind!!), flight planning, gliding weather and how to control a glider. You will be surprised at just how easy it is!  After landing you will be given a full debriefing on the flight. Any questions that you may have will be answered and recommendations for future training will be made if you think that you may like to follow up on gliding in the future.
We tailor your flight to suit your needs and offer discounts to students. As a guide however, a first flight gift vouchers cost $299 for 45 minutes where you will be able to take in the amazing view from around 5000′. This includes a pre-flight briefing and in-flight instruction. If you wish, you will be able to take the controls and experience first hand the joy of flight. Introductory membership of the Gliding Federation of Australia is also included.
Longer flights are also available on request for specific training purposes. If you have had some previous flying training, talk to us about tailored training packages.
Looking for that special gift? We can email or post a personalised Gift Voucher for that special occasion. See below for discounted limousine travel for your flight!
Greatly Reduced rates are available for young people 16 years of age and under, follow up training, for bulk rates, to people with prior gliding experience and for group bookings.
If you are ready to book a flight or order a gift certificate please email
If you would like to know more general information about flights and learning to glide phone Laurie on 0439 353 966
Why are introductory glider flights with Sydney Motor Glider Flight Group so affordable? Its simple. Our club is a not for profit group of gliding enthusiasts whose main aim is to introduce you to the thrill of gliding and flying, whether you are 12 or 102!
******  You might like to take advantage of greatly discounted rates that we have negotiated with Platinum Elite Limousines. You can enjoy luxury transport to and from your glider flight in a chauffeur driven limousine for little more than the cost of a taxi. Speak with Brady or Gary on 0409 900797 and mention us!  ******
Belinda and Laurie
While receiving the training provided during your introductory Air Experience Flight you may cruise over the Blue Mountains, Warragamba Dam, Sydney or Wollongong and the coast perhaps. The choice is yours.
The fee for your AEF flight also includes Introductory Gliding Federation of Australia Membership. This provides you with GFA membership privileges for 30 consecutive days or 5 hours of flying.
We also provide specialised gliding training for people with prior flying experience such as thermal selection, soaring with other gliders, cross country flying and ‘outlanding’ training. We can even guide power pilots in the selection of safe emergency landing areas. 

Please Note that there are some physical limitations If you are very tall or are a larger frame please discuss with us prior to making your booking or ordering a Gift Voucher.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about the flight. Its funny, it struck me today that I was up there at such a great height but I wasn’t bothered by it at all and I can’t wait to do it again. I am still trying to get my head around actually having been in control of a glider myself – wow!”  Sharyn

“Being able to control what’s keeping you flying in the air with such little touch was surprising.” Claire 16