International School Groups

Your school group is very welcome to join our activities! We start the day with a group lecture where all the children get to learn why an aeroplane flies, how the controls work and to ask questions.

After the theory lessons and safety briefing the fun begins. Each child will take turns to have a fly with one of our highly qualified and experienced instructors and they will get a chance to take the controls and actually fly the aircraft! Of course they will be carefully supervised by our instructor and it will be perfectly safe. Whilst the children are not flying we organise fun activities and games for them and provide an Aussie BBQ lunch.

The end of a fun day gliding!

Gliding is great fun!
Our club member Glen (second from left) is a Qantas pilot and he gave these students a lecture on aviation as a career.
Not only is it great fun….The views are spectacular!

Location  Camden Airport is approximately 60-75 minutes South West from the Sydney CBD on the rural outskirts of Sydney. 

What You Can Expect On The Day On arrival, your group will receive a safety briefing. The group will then receive a 20 minute general pre flight briefing on how gliders fly and on how the controls work.

Students will be allocated an instructor who will introduce themselves and get to know the student and further brief them just prior their flight.

A light Aussie barbecue lunch will be supplied for all.

With our motor glider we can fly up to 8-12 students per day. 

Other aviation experiences may also be available on the day at no cost. (See ‘Camden Airport Experiences below).

Our Instructors Our instructors are among the most experienced gliding instructors in Australia. Each of them has more than thirty years of safe gliding experience.

Weather Dependent All of our gliding is weather dependent so if there is no gliding due to poor weather, there is no charge. Our only aim is to provide the most positive and enjoyable introduction to this amazing sport. Sydney weather through Spring, Summer and Autumn however is generally well suited to flying. We usually have an accurate idea of the weather conditions by a few days prior and will confirm early on the morning of the flying if necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: As the flights are weather dependent, it is best to plan around the possibility of cancellation and have alternative activities and a backup day planned for if possible.

Camden Airport Experiences There are several other experiences that we may be able to arrange for your group depending on the availability of the those people. This includes visits to the control tower, to a jet warbird operator, and to see conventional gliders being launched up into the air behind glider tow planes. Additionally, a Qantas pilot may be available to speak to the group about a career as an airline pilot. 

Flight Length Flight times are nominally 20 mins plus taxiing time. If time permits and a child is particularly enjoying the flight, the instructor will extend the flight at no charge.

We must stress that circumstances may prevent some of these from happening on any one day however these are experiences that we have successfully arranged in the past for student groups.

Cost The cost for each flight includes a $20 payment to the national gliding body, the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) for Introductory GFA student membership.. This provides a level of insurance cover. Please request a quote from us at around the needs of your group.

The Aussie BBQ lunch is provided free of charge.